Real Estate AI Assistant
Real Estate AI Assistant
get AI valuation of real estate in a sec
- enter an address
- answer a few questions
- get more matches
- look to the future of your choice
- no human agent is used
the product
mobile application for buyers, owners, tenants and agents
the technology
we trained our RAIA AI model on millions of public real estate data from around the world.

35 states in America and 31 other countries provide open real estate data

perhaps RAIA will come up with better matches to buy or rent, which it constantly looks at hundreds of real estate sites and asks the owners to confirm the veracity of the information

RAIA tracks the history of millions of properties and will be able to show the approximate price at which you will sell the property in the future
Our Prices
one-time valuation
you can spend any time discussing real estate with RAIA
per hour
regular access
advance payment for 100 hours
$8 per hour
professional access
advance payment for 1000 hours
$5 per hour
USA market
the team
  • Sergey Azarov
  • Darkhan Shadykul
    Chief Research Officer
  • Timur Umurzakov
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